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Class Registration Terms and Conditions

I understands that there is an inherent risk associated with physical activity and assume all responsibility for that risk.

Waiver and Release:
By completing my the registration form, I agree that in consideration of the acceptance of this enrollment registration, I release Amity Skala and Flamenco Victoria, their respective servants, agents or employees from any claims, demands, damages, actions of causes of actions arising from, or in any way resulting from my participation in these flamenco classes not withstanding any such loss, injury or damage may have arisen by reason of the negligence of Amity Skala, her servants, agents or employees. I am willing to sign a hardcopy waiver at my first class or upon request by the instructor.

I agree that I will not attend class if I am sick, experiencing any symptoms of cold/flu, or am feeling unwell in any capacity.

I agree to follow all health and safety instructions including, but not limited to, leaving the studio and surrounding area promptly and without argument if I begin to feel unwell or my behaviour is believed to pose a health risk to myself or others.

I agree to follow all studio and covid-19 safety rules and understand that these rules may change at any time and for any reason, without advance notice.

In the unforeseen event that classes are required to be canceled by a public health order or some other situation outside of Amity Skala’s control, a reasonable alternative will be offered in the form of on-line classes or video instruction, and/or make up classes at a later date.

Class fees are non-refundable